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About Me


Debra Denise Dunlap



LGBTQ2S+ Friendly. All families welcome. Namaste

Licensed and Insured Boarding for Non-Aggressive Dogs in the Safety and Comfort of my Home.

OPEN 365 DAYS A YEAR - 7 Days a Week

OPERATING BUSINESS HOURS: ALL curbside drop-offfs and pick-ups are scheduled by "APPOINTMENT ONLY" 7AM—7PM PST.


All Curbside Drop-offs and Pick-ups are performed at: "Palm Springs Market Place" 1717 E Vista Chino, Palm Springs, California 92262 ...conveniently located in the heart of Palm Springs approximately 2 miles from Downtown Palm Springs and Palm Springs International Airport! ♡


A) Thank you for your interest in "Doggie Heaven" for your dog's Luxury Boarding experience! ♡ I believe in thorough and upfront communication so you have a COMPLETE understanding of my services so please kindly take 10 minutes to READ my website in its ENTIRETY before submitting a reservation request.

Please note: The INSTAGRAM APP may be required to view the links provided on this website.

B) Please "Take a Video Tour" of my home and private backyard by clicking on the INSTAGRAM links provided on this website and visit my PUBLIC "Doggie Heaven Bed and Breakfast" INSTAGRAM by clicking on the INSTAGRAM button located at the end of this website so you can view my home and current dog guests. I've provided over 30,000 PUBLIC photos of my home and doggie guests to view on INSTAGRAM. If you want to view even MORE online public photos I've provided over 3,000 photos on my "Doggie Heaven' Bed and Breakfast" Yelp and Google Business pages. Enjoy! ♡

C) Please TEXT the DATES you are requesting overnight boarding or daycare with a current PHOTO of your dog and WEIGHT & AGE of your dog to my cell phone: (760) 219-7483. NON-AGGRESSIVE DOGS ONLY, PLEASE.


Cottage Video Tour:

Private Backyard Video Tour:


"Doggie Heaven" specializes in Extended-Stay Lodging sessions.

* $65 per OVERNIGHT, per Adult Dog per 24-Hours

* TWO-OVERNIGHT MINIMUM CHARGE REQUIREMENT OF $130 PER ADULT DOG. $130 provides UP TO 48-Hours of Continuous Boarding per Adult Dog in ONE SESSION.

Puppies Under 1 Year Old - $95 per Overnight, per Puppy per 24-Hours with a Two-Overnight Minimum Charge Requirement of $190 per Puppy. $190 provides UP TO 48-Hours of Continuous Boarding per Puppy in ONE SESSION.

A "DAYCARE ONLY" Session (7AM to 7PM) - $130 (flat-rate) per Adult Dog or Puppy per Session.

I can accommodate only one-overnight of boarding or just a few hours of daycare during a "Daycare Only" session but my minimum required charges as listed above apply to ALL bookings.

Conveniently book your dog's reservation from your cell phone via TEXT. First-time clients have a "one-time" TEXT registration process that can take about 20 minutes to complete via cell phone TEXT messages depending on response times between texts. A reservation is NOT secure until you (the "signee") complete the "7-Step Text Registration Process" as listed on this website, including submitting payment in full, as a reservation is NOT secure until paid in full. Reservations are accepted on a "first come (PAID) first served" basis. Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal are used for payment processing. No cash or checks accepted.


"Doggie Heaven Bed and Breakfast" is a Relaxing Luxury Dog Retreat providing 1) 24-hour supervision in an air conditioned, peaceful, safe, clean, and elegantly-appointed home environment. "Doggie Heaven's" cozy guest suite - "Angel Cove Nursery" - is a serene gated cove nestled within my cozy open-floor plan studio "cottage" exquisitely designed for smaller breeds to sleep overnight. My Nursery provides a heavenly "spa-like" experience for my guests furnished with its own dedicated Smart TV that plays peaceful meditation music and Mother Nature videos to soothe and relax. "Doggie Heaven" provides freshly-laundered fluffy designer doggie guest beds with luxury plush blankets, squeaky toys, sanitized bowls for water and meals, and serves holistic brands of all-natural meat-toppers for treats! (You can easily "opt-out" of this in our agreement if your dog has a sensitive stomach.) "Doggie Heaven's" cozy living room foyer is furnished with a relaxing virtual fireplace and 3 luxury doggie chaise loungers for my furry guests to enjoy as they lounge and socialize. My doggie guests are allowed on my bed during the day when we watch movies. "Doggie Heaven's" private backyard and shaded veranda provides a comfy resort doggie patio lounger equipped with a sun shade umbrella, cozy patio poufs for my guests to sunbathe, yoga mats to stretch-out on, and a spacious private organic grass lawn, fully secured and enclosed. "Doggie Heaven's" backyard "Toy Pan" is filled with balls to chase and rope toys to play tug-of-war. And, the most important amenity of all - love, snuggles, and cuddles from the caregiver! All my dog boarding guests sleep overnight in my cozy gated "Angel Cove Nursery" suite which may accommodate up to 2) 10 guests at any given time. Dog guests are ALWAYS fed separately. Meals are served twice a day at 7:30AM and 4:30PM. Additional Amenity: Extra-large and medium "Petmate" sleeping kennels and bedding are available at my sole discretion for guests who are "CRATE-TRAINED"/accustomed to sleeping overnight in his or her own CRATE or KENNEL at home for their safety and for those guests who prefer to rest in the comfort and security of a "DEN."

1) "Barkio" dog monitor used as needed as I also work a few hours a week downtown as a freelance ballet dancer teaching children the artistry of silk ribbon, veil, and fan dancing.

2) Separate gated area and extra-large kennels with bedding are available for dogs who are not "well-socialized" with other dogs and who prefer to be "on their own" but this must be disclosed during the text registration process. Some breed restrictions apply due to lease agreement.


"Heaven" is a state of mind - peace of mind - and this is what I hope to give my furry guests by providing a safe and comfortable boarding experience. I adore caring for sweet doggies in my cozy home and have created a secure, soothing, and relaxing environment so my furry guests feel at home. I enjoy being at home and always staying very close to home. Your dog will be treated like family and will not be alone at night as I always sleep overnight in my home. I was born and raised in Pasadena, California, received my Bachelor of Science from Ambassador College in 1992, have been a resident of our beautiful desert for over 15 years, and have been caring for dogs as a sole-proprietor in my Palm Springs community since 2015. I enjoy working with kind families who trust me and are respectful of my policies.

Namaste ♡

- Debra Denise Dunlap




...which is my neighborhood PUBLIC shopping plaza located just across the street from my home-sanctuary. I meet my families at this public plaza for your dog's curbside drop-off and pick-up out of respect for my kind neighbours within my peaceful residential complex and to be in compliance with my residential leasing and city business licensing contracts as my residential-based business is NOT zoned as a commercial property for public access. It is a wonderful privilege to operate my licensed and insured home-based dog boarding business where I live so I must be respectful of my lease agreement with property management by maintaining my drop-offs and pick-ups across the street from my home. Thank you for your kind understanding. I provide my booked families with my vehicle license plate number, photo/photo collage updates of your dog via my public INSTAGRAM, and I am happy to give my booked families my home address during drop-off just so you know where I am located across the street - just ask - but please remember BOTH drop-off AND pick-up are always performed at the "Palm Springs Market Place." Upon meeting for your dog's curbside drop-off your dog will be securely transported in my car for his/her short ride just across the street to my home-sanctuary.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to my insurance and liability policy and for the safety of your dog there are NO 3rd party drop-offs or pick-ups. The dog's owner (the "signee") who agrees to the contract must perform, and is the legal responsible party for, their own dog's curbside drop-offs and pick-ups. If the "signee" of the contract shares ownership of the dog it is the "signee's" sole-responsibility to communicate the terms of our contract and the website policies to their spouse or domestic partner PRIOR to booking a reservation.


"Doggie Heaven's" registration/reservation process with "the signee" is done via TEXT as our text thread serves as our contract. Minimum required vaccinations: Rabies, Bordetella, and a Distemper combo vaccination. Some Veterinarians are also recommending a Canine Influenza vaccine. It is your sole-responsibility to consult with your dog's Veterinarian prior to boarding.

1) If the date(s) you're requesting are CURRENTLY available at the time of your inquiry you will receive a series of texts to initiate a reservation request and begin the registration process.

2) "Doggie Heaven's" 3-page "Guest Profile and Agreement" will be sent to your cell phone AFTER you confirm via TEXT that you (the "signee") have READ and "AGREE" to the contents of this website.

3) Please READ the 3-page Agreement and TEXT the required information circled in RED, including any NON-consents or NON-agreements to paragraphs 1-15 of our agreement. Preliminary meetings, meet-n-greets, and on-site tours of my home are not offered as this detailed website content, my public INSTAGRAM video tour links, and the 3-page "Client Profile and Agreement" serve as our "meet n greet" so it is the sole-responsibility of the "signee" of the contract to provide ANY and ALL behavioral, pre-existing health, and/or physical challenges along with any medication(s), etc disclosures about their dog, that may affect their boarding experience, within our TEXT THREAD during the registration process PRIOR to submitting payment as our TEXT THREAD serves as our contract and supersedes any and all verbal or written communication by the "signee" after payment is submitted.

4) Please TEXT the curbside drop-off AND pick-up "Appointment Times" you'd like to request to schedule with me - All curbside drop-offf and pick-up appointments are performed between the hours of 7AM to 7PM PST - ONLY. These business operating hours for ALL drop-offs and pick-ups are STRICTLY ENFORCED due to residential leasing and licensing contracts. Please Note: You are always welcome to submit a request to extend your dog's boarding reservation (upon availability) for additional hours or an additional Overnight due to unexpected flight, traffic, and travel delays. If you cannot arrive by 7PM on the day of your dog's scheduled drop-off or pick-up you will need wait until the following day to re-schedule your dog's drop-off or pick-up and your payment is forfeited or an additional overnight boarding fee is automatically due, when applicable. ALL curbside drop-off and pick-up transitions are performed efficiently so I can return home to the dogs in my care so please have your dog ready to be transferred into my car upon meeting. Due to liability and insurance policy requirements, once a boarding session begins it is a CONTINUOUS-STAY until the mutually agreed-upon duration of the reservation session ends as daily and evening routines are established.

5) To SECURE and GUARANTEE your dog's reservation my *Venmo, Zelle, or *PayPal ID will be texted to you to submit payment. POLICY: A reservation is NOT secure nor guaranteed until it is PAID for in FULL as I accept reservations on a "first come (PAID) first served" basis. Once you (the "signee") submit reservation payment it is NON-REFUNDABLE. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Extended-Stay Lodging Sessions: $65 per OVERNIGHT per Adult Dog or $95 per OVERNIGHT per Puppy provides boarding for a *24-hour period. *Example: If drop-off is scheduled at 11am then pick-up must be by 11am on the pick-up date otherwise if this 24-hour period is exceeded on the scheduled day of pick-up add $50 (flat-rate) per adult dog or puppy to your reservation payment for the additional time of boarding. I close promptly at 7pm for ALL drop-offs and pick-ups.

PLEASE NOTE: *Venmo and *PayPal now selectively charge a fee to the "seller" of 3% (approximately) for "goods and services" so if you choose to pay via Venmo or PayPal 3% must be added to your total. Zelle does NOT charge any fees.

6) Once you have submitted your payment and it has been received via Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal a receipt will be texted to you to confirm your dog's reservation is secure.

7) Curbside drop-off/pick-up instructions will be texted to you. I provide doggie guest beds, blankets, toys, and bowls. I kindly ask to please NOT bring your own dog's bedding, toys, or bowls as I provide a neutral space with freshly laundered beds, blankets, toys, and bowls to encourage sharing and avoid indoor marking and territorial issues. Dog parents provide their dog's secure collar/harness and leash for safety during curbside drop-off ALONG with their dog's meals/kibble (or core diet, if refrigerated/frozen dog food is your dog's core diet I have a refrigerator/freezer to store) for dietary consistency.


♡ To view photos of your doggie during their stay you're invited to follow "Doggie Heaven Bed and Breakfast" on INSTAGRAM as 3 photos of your doggie will be posted daily between the hours of 8am to 5pm PST. Enjoy!

Please Note: There is a 5-overnight minimum charge requirement for all reservations booked during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

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